Schroth Method Technique:

Exercises are curve specific and patient specific.  The exercises are tailored to the patient’s physical capabilities, and certain modifications can be made to address any physical compromise.

A typical Schroth treatment session is 60 minutes one on one, and hands on.

The patient will receive information regarding the exercise, equipment, and tips for dealing with activities of daily living.

Patient should be dressed appropriately: women/girls to be wearing a sports bra, and men/boys to be shirtless.

Patients will have access to a private area where Schroth sessions take place.

This X Ray was taken 3/27/13 of a 17 yr old male. Candidate for spinal fusion.

After 3.5 months of intense Schroth
Patient reduced from 44.1 degrees to 36.9 degrees.

X-Ray was taken 7/10/13