I was a patient of Tal Landa in 2011. In 2009 I had L5 micro disectomy.  As of December of

2010, I was diagnosed with herniated L4.  Tal has been so supportive and was a tremendous

asset to my recovery.  She is realistic in her teachings, and practices so that when I am home I

can continue the exercises on my own, and know when I need to stop them if something does not

feel right.  Tal always reminds me that with time, exercise and patients my back will recover.

Recently when I hurt my shoulder and was in tremendous pain an Ortho doctor informed me

that my shoulder would heal on its own and that I don’t need PT.  my right arm was no weight

bearing, and I could not do the main exercises I would usually do for my back. I went to speak

with Tal on what to do. Not only did she come up with different way for me to do my back

exercises but Tal recommended that I ask my primary for a PT script for my shoulder.  My

primary doctor gave me a script for PT, and it made a world of difference.  For the first time after

doing shoulder PT with Tal, I was pain free!

Tal is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and what the human body is supposed to

do, and can do.  Her physical assessments of me have been extremely thorough! Tal knows how

to alleviate or lessen my pain.  Tal takes her time, asks questions that most doctors have not

asked to get down to where the pain is actually coming from.  After my last episode, I was upset

and feeling that at the age of thirty I was falling apart. Tal’s words of encouragement meant the

world to me.  Tal made me feel as if this is just another minor set back in my life and that with

the right treatment, and practices I will get better.  Not everyday do you meet someone so kind,

compassionate and who genuinely cares for your well being.  Without her, I would have given up

on my recovery a long time ago.

Dana C., Nurse