Knee Reconstruction

I worked with Tal Lifshitz (Landa) for over a year, on issues related to a partial knee reconstruction, and pain management that resulted from the related flare up of pre- existing chronic back pain. Tal taught me how to incorporate exercises into my daily routine, so I could effectively stretch and function without fuss either at work or while on vacation. Tal came very highly recommended by my pain-management doctor; and she met or exceeded every objective set by my doctor and me.  When we started working together, I was in constant pain and unable to comfortably function at work or in social settings; and I certainly couldn’t maintain an acceptable level of physical/cardio activity.  By the time we finished working together, I had resumed my regular daily routine and incorporated Tal’s recommended exercises into my exercise regimen. It was a complete pleasure to work with Tal on every level.

B. Robbins